Sam Parkes | About - Sam Parkes

Sam Parkes’ work blurs the distinction between storytelling, journalism and fine art photography.

This cross section reveals a meticulous and dissenting eye for the spirit and essence of people and place. It explores the ground between the domestic and the ecstatic- finding the magic in the mundane and the extraordinary in the ordinary. Through these images we’re offered the chance to smudge our nose against the window of our time, to bear witness to its rapture, its cruelty, its comedy.

There’s a timelessness to Sam’s work that bisects the fleeting moment, a prism at the intersection of the ancient and modern, drawing to the centre the world of long ago and that of today. In discovering resemblances and correspondences he reveals more than what can be seen, illuminating through the layers of the everyday- of fishermen, market stalls and street commerce, farming and industry, architecture and landscape, worshippers and pilgrims, ceremony and ritual, a look, a glance, of mankind within nature and the nature within mankind.

With the vitality and coherence of all good storytelling, Sam’s photography probes beyond surface appearance to proffer a deep curiosity about human life in all its enigmatic complexity. It is a worship of the imperfect and reveals that nowhere is inopportune to unearthing magic, intrigue and beauty.